Goals, tasks, KPI

The global goal

Launch the MebelVia app on the market, attract paying audience.

Promotion start

Considered that the mobile app started as a completely new sales channel for the client, the desired KPI was calculated at a later stage during active advertising campaigns.


Promotion expenses share — 40%

Advertising campaigns


  • Age range 30-55 years old
  • Lookalike audience


  • add-to-cart
  • purchases

Narrow targeting by interests

Table, chair, living room, bed, online purchases, repairs, home improvement, ikea, leroy merlin, furniture, sofa.

Optimization mechanisms of the advertising campaigns

  1. We narrowed the targeting, set up lookalike audiences and campaigns with detailed interests;
  2. Optimized the end goals and campaign indicators: add to cart or purchase;
  3. Monitored customer’s LTV and tried different approaches in the creatives;
  4. Took into account inner optimization mechanisms on Facebook – sometimes the campaign for a wide audience shows higher conversion into purchase. That is why we retained a few of these campaigns active, which allowed optimizing the final results.

installing dynamics

dynamics in the sales growth

Client’s review

“When launching a new sales channel, it is important to find the right approach to its promotion. In our case, launching the mobile app was the key vector of our business development. The main goal was to attract enough active users who will make purchases in the app. At the same time, it was important to stick to the marketing and financial KPI. Mobisharks did an excellent job reaching the set goals – the team designed and tested new creatives, audiences, optimized advertising campaigns according to our KPI, improving the quality of advertisement consistently. We thank them for the well-thought and creative approach that allowed us to take our sales to a new level”.