Goals, tasks, stages

The goal

Increase PariMatch presence on the betting companies market by several times


7% CR into first deposit


  1. Increase the number of the app installs
  2. Increase conversion of installs into first deposit

Methods and tools

Advertisement of betting companies is prohibited within the territory of Russian Federation, so there is no way of launching advertising campaigns on big advertising platforms. As an alternative, we made the decision to generate in-app traffic (advertisement inside the mobile app), as this was a permitted line of action.

Why is in-app traffic effective?

  • High traffic volume
  • Low attraction cost according to CPI, CPA model
  • Additional media coverage

Advertising campaigns

Advertising creatives were realized in the signature style, using different approaches


  1. Attraction of new advertising networks that allow to buy traffic in mobile apps
  2. Optimizations of the platforms – the apps where the advertisement was placed: disengagement of low-efficiency apps, budget increase for the high conversion campaigns
  3. Testing of new advertising creatives, detecting leaders, boosting of the high conversion campaigns


Monthly number of first deposits grew by 2.4 times.

During 5 months of collaboration, the number of introduced first deposits by new users every month grew by 2.5 times, which indicates the high quality of traffic and attracted audience.

Advertising campaigns results

Client’s review

“When testing new sources and types of traffic, we always keep an eye on the metrics and quality of the attracted audience. Based on the in-app traffic tests in the first months, we together with Mobisharks did optimizations of advertising campaigns that allowed to increase our key parameters by 2.5 times. We thank the team for productive cooperation and effective approach to the promoted product. We hope to continue our collaboration”.