effective promotion of mobile apps

Attracting paying users to the apps

As a performance team, Mobisharks offers you not just brand awareness but a strategy that allows to maximize your budget and get only high-quality customers.

Target the right audience
We specify your potential users by age groups, social statuses, interests and we find out what is the best time and the best way to communicate them.

Download is only the first step in the app, we offer you strategic ideas how to engage users with special promos and how to increase customer’s loyalty.

Brand awareness
People prefer to compare before making a choice. Let us remind them you are the best! We make your brand recognizable by using different traffic sources.

Top app
Reaching the top of the App Store is easy, your app will be downloaded not only by users who have seen the promotion through Google or Facebook, we will offer the way to target competitors’ audience!

work stages

  1. collect data about the product
    • We study the subject of the app, its page in Apple Store/Google Play, assess reviews and functionality.
    • After that, we analyze the audience: Geo, gender, language, interests and age targeting.
    • Furthermore, we define the key goals of the app development and traffic payout criteria.
  2. integrate advertising platforms
    • We give the client access to platforms Adjust/Appsflyer/Appmetrica with simple guidelines with online support of our accounts.
    • We prepare advertising platforms and access to Facebook/InApp/Adwords.
  3. design creative materials
    • We design creative conceptual foundation and notifications for diverse audience.
    • Afterwards, we create video or GIF-files, textual introduction and ideas.
    • All content is unique and designed based on the analysis of audience and competitors as well as product positioning.
  4. launch advertising campaigns

    Our specialists use the following platforms:

    • Facebook (Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Facebook Messenger)
    • myTarget (VK, Odnoklassniki)
    • In-App (DSP, RTB, Self-Managed Networks)
    • Google Adwords 
    • Yandex (Yandex Ad Network, Yandex Direct)
  5. accounting
    • We make up regular reports on the advertising campaigns.
    • We bring together ideas and adjust agenda for action real-time.
    • We hold consultations on analytics and product development.
    • We draw up accompanying documentation.
  6. analytics and optimizations
    • We assess quantity and quality of the leads coming from the campaigns.
    • We make a report on the KPI delivery.
    • Apart from the standard analytics, the report includes conclusions and suggestions on the further advertising campaign maintenance.

our advantages

in-house team

Top traffic managers, a team of designers and motion designers work on the best solutions and idea formation. No freelance stuff.

trustworthy traffic sources

We work with Facebook, Google, Yandex, myTarget and In-App.

always available

24/7 accounting. Campaign launching starting from as early as 1 hour.

pay-for-result approach

We work according to hard KPI. You pay only if there are installations, purchases, desired actions.

consulting and auditing

We provide consultations on in-app sale development, will help to choose and set up an analytics platform. We will do app auditing and put together recommendations for quick optimizations.

experience and expertise

We create and promote apps all over the world. We are part of Kokoc Group, one of the biggest and most influential advertising associations of CIS.



Launched the app on the market, increased user retention rate by 30% in one year


Scaled on Latin America market – launched the inDriver app in Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Salvador and Guatemala


Increased Fonbet presence on the betting market by 2.5 times in 3 months

Pari Match

Increased monthly number of first Parimatch deposits by 2.4 times in 5 months

get in touch

We offer high-quality analytics and development. If you would like to see it for yourself, contact us – and we will do something for you.

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