More installs – more loan applications

DigiDo Case study We increased the number of issued loans by 88%. The competition in the market of quick cash loans is high. The use of modern technologies of online promotion helps to achieve the growth and development of the international fintech company DigiDo in these conditions. As shown in this Case study Mobisharks team has almost doubled the number of installs of this loan issuing app.

We define the goals DigiDo specializes in issuing loans through mobile app. In this case, it was necessary to attract residents of the Philippines. The company’s marketing team entrusted us with these tasks:

  • Attract new users to the DigiDo app;
  • Reach the target audience, thereby, increasing the number of loan applications and issued loans.
  • We looked for a solution We got to work
  • Analysis of channels’ capacity. We estimated the possible interested audience in this geo with the necessary social demographic features.
  • Study of the user’s audience and their possible interests in addition to “finances”. We collected different segments of the audience according to the formed hypotheses and prepared creative approaches for each of them.
  • Study of the target efficiency. We analyze the best segments by interests and prepared new hypotheses for new groups with different interests. Besides, based on the accumulated experience, we were ready to launch LAL audiences.
  • Identification of the most conversion creatives and texts with effective elements which made it possible to achieve high CTR and CR indicators.
  • Making new creatives for both wide and narrow audiences with personal offers and texts.