we promote mobile apps

Bring more users to your app and get extra revenue.
Optimize your spending and discover new performance
sources on CPA models with Mobisharks.

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Attract users


Placements on premium mobile traffic sources by our own media buying team. Grow your app!

We optimize apps


Free audit of user’s behavior to help improve app’s usability.
Boost your app engagement!


Grow the app

Discover new traffic sources with us and optimize your spending on those you already use.

We provide traffic from the most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Yandex, TikTok, DSP/RTB platforms, Apple Ads Search.

key advantages of Mobisharks

get only real actions
downloads, registration, subscriptions, bookings, first time deposit etc
target the right audience
we bring our advertisers new purchases and increase their clients’ LTV and customer loyalty
reduce spending on the mobile sources
you already run and discover new traffic sources with us
professional team
our own designers’ team who creates exclusive materials for the effective promotion
simplicity and openness in operations
Full transparency and antifraud protection
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We offer high-quality analytics and development. If you would like to see it for yourself, contact us – and we will do something for you.

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