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Demand side platform (DSP)

Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology allows publishers and site owners to offer their resources to advertisers. But instead of the direct contact with these sites, the buyer can use Demand Side Platforms (DSP).

Unlike direct buying at different ad exchanges, DSP helps choosing only interested audiences instead of certain places for ads. Using –°ookies, IDFA and GoogleID, DSP MobiSharks can analyse users' interests and preferences and define a proper bid.

If you use MobiSharks DSP, you get a lot of information about a user before any purchase. As a result, every your bid is evaluated according to the pre-defined campaign parameters. DSP can use internal data and combine it with external data by the integration with Data Management Platforms (DMP) or Data Exchange.

Then things are going very easy: RTB system accepts bids and defines a winner. Within only 100-200 ms, the user of a site or an application is impressed by the banner of the advertiser, who evaluated him most.

Benefits of working with our DSP

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